5-week PSAT/NMSQT Prep Course

August 21st 2021 → Sept 29th 2021· Mon/Wed 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST



The College Board is administering a PSAT/NMSQT on January 26, 2021. Dr. Kaisar Alam is teaching the 5-week Premium PSAT/NMSQT Course starting on December 19, 2020. Our Premium PSAT/NMSQT Course consists of ten 3.5-hour classes, typically meeting twice a week. The students also take one self-administered SAT test a week. Our online SAT/PSAT courses have been developed by Dr. Alam and are scientifically designed for maximum score improvement.

Dr. KaisarAlam

Dr. Kaisar Alam is an IIT-educated mentor. He has a passion for teaching and has been teaching since his own 9th-grade. He is an excellent test taker himself and has developed and taught high school, college, and graduate courses domestically and overseas. Dr. Alam has been mentoring high students who improved their SAT and ACT scores significantly. He is a textbook author, and a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award.



8/21/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 1 – Diagnostic
8/23/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 1
8/25/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 2
8/28/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 2
8/30/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 3
9/1/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 4
9/4/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 3
9/6/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 5
9/8/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 6
9/11/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 4
9/13/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 7
9/15/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 8
9/18/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 5
9/20/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 9
9/22/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 10
9/25/2021SatComplete before 11:59 PMTest 6
9/26/2020SunComplete before 11:59 PMTest 7 – Final
9/27/2021Mon6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 11
9/29/2021Wed6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 12 – Final Class
10/1/2021FRI6:00-9:00 PMCLASS 13 – If required
10/13/2021WEDPSAT (2021)

Course Schedule Details

Our Premium PSAT/NMSQT course is offered over 5 weeks. Our expert instructors teach the course in an online classroom. The students take a diagnostic test before the first class to establish a baseline. There are two 3.5-hour classes every week, followed by a self-administered SAT/PSAT (official college board practice test) during the weekend. Our students have improved their scores by hundreds of points after taking our courses.

The students take the diagnostic official practice test before the first class.

Week 1

The instructor teaches SAT Class #1 (SAT Reading, SAT Math, and review of the diagnostic test) and SAT Class #2 (SAT Writing, SAT Math, and review of the diagnostic test)

The students take an official practice test (#2) during the weekend.

Week 2

The instructor teaches SAT Class #3 (Reading, Math, and review of test #2) and SAT Class #4 (Writing, Math, and review of test #2)

The students take an official practice test (#3) during the weekend.

Week 3

The instructor teaches SAT Class #5 ( Reading, and Math, and review of test #3) and SAT Class #6 (Writing, and Math, and review of test #3)

The students take an official practice test (#4) during the weekend.

Week 4

The instructor teaches SAT Class #7 ( Reading, Writing, and Math, and review of test #4) and SAT Class #8 (Writing, and Math, and review of test #4)

The students take an official practice test (#5) during the weekend.

Week 5

The instructor teaches SAT Class #9 ( Reading and Writing and review of test #5)

The students take an official practice test (#6) before Class #12.

The instructor teaches SAT Class #10 (Math and review of test #6)

Course Summary

  • Start: August 21st, 2021 → September 29th, 2021 
  • Class Times: Mon/Wed 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST
  • Test Day: Done at Home
  • Course Location: Live Online Classroom
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Course Hours: 35 + 24
  • Instructor: Dr. Kaiser Alam

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child take an SAT course?

A very small number of SAT takers can prepare for the test by themselves and get an amazing score. All others can improve their score significantly if they take a good SAT prep course or work with a good SAT tutor. We have designed our courses such that the students can improve their scores making the best use of their time and effort. In the past, our students have done well and increased their scores 100, 200, 300, and even 350 points.

How is the course structured?

The 6-week SAT Premium course consists of twelve 3-hour classes. Before the first class, the students take a full-length diagnostic test that provides a baseline score. The class meets twice a week and the students take a self-administered test once a week that simulates the actual test. This provides the current status report and gets the students prepared for the 4-hour test. The instructor, after teaching the SAT-specific strategies, spends some time reviewing the previous full-length test. This approach has proven to be very effective in raising the students’ scores. Test 7 is given before the 12th class, which is primarily spent in reviewing test 7.

What are the course fees?

Prep Excellence Premier SAT course is valued at $1,499. However, we charge a discounted rate of $999. With our coupons, this rate can be even lower!

Who are teaching these courses?

Our courses are taught by top instructors who are also amazing test takers themselves (among the top 1%). They also are experienced and highly rated teachers and/or tutors. Partly because of our rigorous instructor  selection process, our students perform so well.

What is the best time for taking these courses?

The COVID19 pandemic has made a lot of things unpredictable, including ACT/SAT being made optional at most US universities. Plus, many seniors have not been able to take ACT/SAT because of center closures. However, the number of closures has decreased. 

We advise that the students take the SAT as soon as possible because we have observed that the students who have started their preparation early tend to perform better. They should start preparing for the SAT in the 9th grade and become serious in the 10th grade. Some students have taken the SAT in their 10th grade and scored well. 11th graders take the PSAT/MNSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) in October. Taking a SAT course before the PSAT (for example, during the summer) is helpful in improving the PSAT score and perhaps becoming a National Merit Finalist, which could get the student tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

Most schools accept both tests equally these days (although the percentile scores might be different). However, the design of ACT and SAT  are different. ACT tests the students on their problem-solving skills that they learned in their classes, whereas SAT tests their reasoning skills. Furthermore, SAT gives more time than ACT per question. As a result, students who can work fast and can focus for a long time tend to do well in the ACT. Preparing for the SAT has the added advantage that it prepares students for the PSAT/NMSQT, which can get them valuable scholarships. 

Finally, to assess whether you are better at SAT or ACT, you can take a couple of official practice tests each and see which you do better on. Then you can decide which test would suit you best.

Do you have a PSAT program?

We offer a PSAT course that runs before the PSAT/NMSQT. However, you can take any of our SAT courses and prepare for the SAT. This would automatically prepare you for the PSAT. SAT; PSAT are very similar with PSAT being slightly shorter and leaving out some of the most difficult math questions. 

Do you provide help with college admissions?

College admissions process is daunting for many families. We offer various college admissions services including a white glove service option.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Do you offer tutoring?

We offer tutoring services for SAT/ACT test prep, high school math and science courses, etc. Our tutors are highly qualified with teaching experience and can improve the performance of their students. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Why are the Prep Excellence courses special?

SAT requires different strategies compared to school courses. We have scientifically designed our classes for score maximization. Our “best in the industry” instructors teach them SAT-specific strategies that they have not been taught before. We also teach them how to identify their weaknesses and strengths and work on rectifying their weaknesses so that they become better at self-study. Our courses would motivate the students to study more and effectively. We are so confident that our courses are the best that we offer a score improvement guarantee.