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Course Format 


Hours Instructions


6-Week Premium SAT Prep Course

Complete SAT prep for students looking for maximum score improvement.

Live Online 

150-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee

36 + 24 hrs

$999  $799

3-Week Accelerated SAT Prep Course

Quick SAT prep for students with less than 1 month to test day.

Live Online 

100-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee

36 + 24 hrs

$999  $799

Weekend SAT Crash Course

Weekend SAT prep for students who want to review everything the weekend before test day.

Live Online 

SAT Score Improvement Guarantee

16 + 8 hrs 

$499  $299

5-week PSAT/NMSQT Prep Course

Complete PSAT prep for students looking for National Merit Scholarship

Live Online 

Score Improvement Guarantee

35 + 20

$999  $799

12-week SAT Comprehensive Prep Course

Comprehensive test prep for students who need to help with their foundation and strategies

Live Online 

Score Improvement Guarantee

72 + 48

$2499 $2299

Winter Holiday Boot Camp for SAT

SAT boot camp during the winter break

Live Online

SAT Foundation and Test Preparation

35 + 24

$899 $699

AP Test Prep

Preparation for AP EXAM 

Live Online

Ap Test Preparation


$599 $399

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