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Reem Esseghir


Areeq is a freshman at Princeton University, majoring in Computer Science (minoring in Engineering Physics and Entrepreneurship). He has a passion for teaching. He has taught various subjects to middle and high schoolers and has developed his teaching methods to suit the needs of different types of students.

Areeq scored 1560 in the SAT and got a perfect 36 in the ACT. He scored a perfect 800 in SAT Math 2, 790 in SAT Chemistry, 760 in SAT Physics, and 99th percentile in the AP exams. He loves to code, produce music, and fence and makes time for it even during his busiest times.

Reem got her start in education as an early childhood teacher at a local community center and moved on to work at Kumon where she has been for nearly 3 years. She has scored 1570 in the SAT and continues to work with high school students in preparation for the standardized exam in addition to other parts of the college application. She currently studies at Rutgers University in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program.

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