Zain Mughal


Zain Mughal is currently a junior at Montgomery High School in Skillman, New Jersey. He is very interested in STEM subjects and wants to pursue a career in medicine when he grows up. Throughout his high school years, Zain has taken six honors classes and 1 AP class so far; most of these courses are science or math classes. The one AP course that he has already completed was chemistry, and he scored a 5 on it this past May. Additionally, Zain took the SAT this past August and scored 1540 which placed him in the 99th percentile. Because online learning can be tough for some students, Zain wants to become a tutor as an additional way of helping them succeed academically. Overall, he has found online learning to be challenging; assignments pile up and it's often hard to stay focused. He also hopes that his tutoring can help struggling students during these tough times by providing extra support and tips.